Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening, nowadays, is one of the most sought treatments in consulting rooms and dental clinics worldwide. There are several modalities of bleaching. For instance we have the most simple one: the kits to whitening teeth and do on your own by following the guidelines of the manufacturer of your teeth whitening. Anyone can buy these kits over the counter at any drugstore, supermarket and even by the Internet . This procedure has its drawbacks; often they make the whitening so uneven that in some areas the color is lighter than in others in the same tooth. It’s motivated by the poor distribution of the whitening gel.

This is because the trays are not made for that particular person (custom trays). The whitening strips often do not adapt well to the surface of the teeth and whiten them spottily.

The professional teeth whitening is done at the Dental Office. It has the direct supervision of the dentist and is known as “one hour teeth whitening”. The result is immediate but sometimes need a few more times of home bleaching until the patient reaches bleaching desired. This process can last a few more days using the custom trays with he bleach gel.

The most common treatment used in dental offices and clinics is called “in home teeth whitening”, which is to take the molds of the upper and lower jaws and make the custom trays in the laboratory for the patient, who after receiving the instructions of how to use the whitening gel, uses with the individual trays gel for ten to fifteen days for half an hour a day. As it comes in custom made individual trays, the gel is distributed evenly, which prevents stains very common in whitening kits purchased over the count.

Teeth whitening often causes increased teeth sensitivity. This sensitivity is temporary and ceases days after completion of the bleaching process. The use of special toothpastes greatly reduce the temporary discomfort.

Process In-Office Bleaching and Outcome

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