Tooth are extracted for several reasons:

  • Deep decay that has reached very deep into the tooth and jeopardize the tooth root beyond the possibility of being restored.
  • An Infection has destroyed a large portion of the surrounding tooth or bone.
  • There is not enough space for all teeth in the mouth.
  • Fracture by accident when a tooth root is so damaged that makes impossible to be restored. Differently the bone, the tooth doesn’t has the capacity to regenerate by itself.
  • When there is not enough space in the dental arch for the wisdom tooth and it begins to pushing forward especially the lower teeth causing crowding.

Before extracting a tooth, the dentist evaluates the patient’s medical history and takes radiographies from the tooth and tooth surroundings. Through the X-rays is possible a professional evaluation about the degree of difficulty and thus decide whether to refer the patient to the Oral Surgeon or not.

Before extraction, the area around the tooth is numbed locally and the dentist uses special tools to remove the tooth. After the extraction the dentist recommends a bone grafting in order to fill the cavity left by the extracted tooth (alveolus), preserving the bone integrity for future fixed or removable prosthesis or even placing a dental implant.

The X-Ray Showing The Root

The Tooh To Be Extracted

Bone Grafting After Tooth Removal

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