Dental Implants

Implants are metallic pieces usually made of titanium that are placed in the jaws which serve to anchor crowns, bridges as well as for total and partial removable prostheses.It is a type of treatment to restore function and aesthetics for all people who wish to have back teeth that were lost due to cavities, periodontal problems or accidents. The placement of dental implants is a surgical procedure. In the majority of cases, the Dentist uses only local anesthesia.

In some cases the implant can be directly attached after the tooth extraction. However, if the patient already extracted the tooth, and does not have enough bone, it will be necessary a bone graft; after 4-6 months of healing, the placement of the implant and the final restoration will take place. Nowadays, the most widely used type of implant is the osteointegrated, which has proved to have the highest rate of success: more than 90 percent.


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